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Our Story

The thaw associated with Spring has always represented growth and new life. Since ancient times the promise of summer has brought communities together in all forms of celebration, from the Egyptian celebrations of the rising Nile, to the ancient Druidic celebrations of the spring equinox, whose symbol of the egg gave meaning to the fertility and birth of the rising season. The melting snow, thawing rivers, blossoming flowers, and budding trees all give witness to this rise; a new and bountiful year. These days we can honour the coming prosperity of our bright future by returning to the traditions of our past. Every spring we can return to nature, to behold the glory of the shifting seasons and embrace the community that gathers at Bass in the Bush.

Bass in the Bush, is located on a pristine quarter of land located near Porcupine Plain, Saskatchewan.  Here we host a May long-weekend festival, complete with 18-hours per day of live music, performers, activities, and vendors.

Every year, the electronic music festival season welcomes us with arms wide open. Festivals succeed at reshaping and recharging the vast majority of those who attend, allowing them to go out into the world and spread the profound love that is felt and shared there. This is the type of love that a small group of people from Saskatoon latched onto five years ago and decided to bring back home.A small group of us recognized that the Saskatchewan community was missing a festival we could call home. This encouraged us to start our own event production company called Tracksluit Productions. Since 2013 we have been dedicated to bringing the best performances and creating the most immersive and enjoyable party experience in Saskatoon. We caught the imagination of all those involved and successfully developed a positive brand, image, and culture that people were eager to support.

In 2016 we felt that we were ready to take on the next challenge and created our most recent venture, Bass in the Bush Music Festival. What we lacked in funds, we made up for in desire. We started something amazing. Our team of committed leaders has worked tirelessly to provide the best possible experience for our guests over the past 3 years. What started in 2016 as a small group of friends doing something we love on a piece of land that we love, has quickly turned into a greatly anticipated fourth year festival!  We promptly await the wonders that May long 2022 will hold, for all of us!

JUNE 2-5, 2023


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