Rumpus, by definition, does in fact bring the noise [and the bodies] to club dancefloors and music festivals across North America, Central America and Europe with his visually captivating performance as a DJ and drummer. What began a over decade ago as drumming in indie and punk bands has evolved into a DJ and production career with 130 shows, across 9 countries and 3 continents, in 2017 alone.

Combining the power of a live drumming performance with a fine tuned DJ palette, Rumpus, serves up an irresistible feast for attuned music lovers and anthem-seeking party crowds alike. Although his productions solely associate with house music, his live show often ventures into other genres which can include elements of Hip Hop and Experimental Future Bass. In the fall of 2018 his debut EP ‘House Rock’ was released on Westwood X in addition to having released a tune with Canada’s Smalltown DJs on Australia’s ‘Sweat it Out’ Club Sweat label. He’s shared the stage with Skrillex, AC Slater, Diplo, Wu-Tang Clan, GRiZ, The M Machine and more.