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Festival Guide

Festival Rules

  • Upon entry your vehicle is subject to be searched for prohibited goods. Alcohol or drug paraphernalia will be confiscated and removed from the grounds. Any other prohibited items may be stored safely until the end of the festival. Bass in the Bush and Bass Couch Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • All patrons entering festival grounds must present government issued photo ID. Bass in the Bush is a 19+ event. No children allowed.
  • Parking: Any vehicle entering the festival site must purchase a parking pass. Cash only at gate. Cars $20, RV/Campers $60, Oversized RV/Campers $80. There is a re-entry fee of $10 for any vehicle that leaves and re-enters the festival site.
  • Gate opens at 10am on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Thursday, June 1st: 5pm – 11pm

  • Friday, June 2nd: 12pm – 2am

  • Saturday, June 3rd: 10am – Midnight

  • Sunday, June 4th: 10am – 10pm

Festival Guide

  • There are no showers or running water available on the grounds for hygiene purposes. Please come prepared.
  • Drinking water is provided. There is also an onsite cantine that sells bottled water, pop, snacks, etc.
  • There is no ATM onsite so please come prepared. Remember to bring cash for food, parking passes, and vendors, should you require. 

Prohibited Items

  • No alcohol is permitted on site. We are a dry festival. Prohibiting the use of alcohol (as demonstrated by other festivals who practice the same rule) lowers incident rates and promotes a better vibe for everyone.
  • No glass. Jars, bottles, etc. To keep our patrons safe and to protect the land and the creatures that live here.
  • No open fire or flame. No candles, no fire pits, etc. Camp stoves are permitted but should always be monitored and unattached from the fuel cell when not in use.
  • Illegal substances are not permitted
  • No pets are allowed on site. Contact Bass in the Bush if you require a service animal.
  • No weapons
  • No fireworks
  • No drones
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